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caairliagh chairman: Va mish y caairliagh ec chaglym ayns Lerpoyll raad loayr Nóirín Chléirigh, caairliagh Ghlór na nGael ayns Beeal Feirshtey. Carn

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Caairliagh y Ving Er-lheh Chairman of the Select Committee

committee chairman (n.) caairliagh-bingey

caairliagh-bingey committee chairman

Chaairliagh (voc.) See caairliagh (Y) Mister Chairman

Chairman of the Select Committee (n.) Caairliagh y Ving Er-lheh

chairman (n.) ard-hoieder; caairliagh: Mr Chairman, I have a question for you - Vnr Chaairliagh, ta feysht aym erriu. DF idiom

Cooney Creestee Christian Aid: Y Stiureyder jeh Cooney Creestee, y Dr Daleep Mukarji, t'eh gra yn un red as George Waft, Oltey jeh'n Choonseil Slattyssagh, y Caairliagh jeh Bing Cooney Mooie yn Ellan BS

currit ry-lhiattee in abeyance: Agh dooyrt Caairliagh Radio Vannin, Charles y Karagher, nagh beagh y studeyrys currit ry-lhiattee choud's veagh eshyn ayn. BS

fo-ving subcommittee: Veagh fo-ving cummit dy chur vriwnys er y chooish shoh, cummit ass Eaghtyrane, Caairliagh, Scrudeyr as Tashteyder Yn Cheshaght, as Reagheyder yn 'Eailley. Dhoor

giare-choontey summary: Haink y naight shoh rish ayns giare-choontey jeh cooishyn y Lught-Reill Lectraghys liorish y Caairliagh Eddie Teare, oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed. BS

sheckteragh administratorship; executive: Agh ta Caairliagh Sheckteragh Thie Tashtee Vannin, Martin Moore, gra nagh vel Mainshtyr Houghton toiggal yn oyr dy vel Eiraght Ashoonagh Vannin ayn. BS

stiureyderyn directors: Aareayrtys y reiltys mychione ymskeaylley as çhellinsh ayns Mannin, t'eh mychione foddey ny smoo na'n stashoon-radio hene, ta'n Caairliagh jeh stiureyderyn Radio Vannin, Çhalse y Karagher, gra. BS

ventyrys initiative: Hug caairliagh Varrantee Rhumsaa faaue dy row treealtys Rhumsaa er jeet rish kyndagh rish genney ventyrys veih'n reiltys. BS

fakinagh becoming, comely: erson ta mi gra (tryid yn grays ta erna hoyrt duys) rish dygh yn uyne nan maske shius, gyn duyne erbi dy hassu ayrd ayns y agney heyn, na smu na ta fakinagh gasyn dy heiaghy, je heyn PB1610; discernible, perceivable, seeing, visible: Mastey reddyn elley, ta'n Caairliagh Bob Taylor gra dy vel y troggal feer fakinagh, as cha nel biljyn erbee myrgeayrt yn ard myr v'eh kiarit. BS


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