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Bretnee (Ny); (The) Welsh: Beign da ny Bretnee croghey er ITV as Sianel Pedwar son yn 'irriney. Carn

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Welsh2 (npl.) (The); (Ny) Bretnee

Britaanee Bretons: cha dod ny Bretnee, Yernee, Albinee as Britaanee croo chengaghyn va cadjinit dy 'dooghyssagh'. Carn

bunyn ashoonagh national origins: Er e hon shen, ta reiltys yn RU arryltagh dy ghra 'possanyn kynneeagh' rish ny h-Albinee, Bretnee as Yernee kyndagh rish ny 'bunyn ashoonagh' oc. Carn

Burroo Round Hill: Ec beeal ny h-awin shoh va burroo, shen yn sorch dy valley ny cashtal v'ec ny Bretnee sy lhing shen GB

Europagh European: Ta ny Bretnee cosney argid voish yn Cho-vargey Europagh dy chooney lhieu bishaghey Cymraeg. Carn

faaue allusion, hint, suggestion, tip: va faaue ayn myr shoh: managh vees ny Bretnee speeideilagh, s'cosoylagh dy jean ny Celtiee elley failleil. Carn

jannoo ass y noa innovate, remake, renew, repeat, update: t'ad kionnaghey shenn thie nagh vod Bretnee fordrail jannoo ass y noa. Carn

Kernagh Cornish: oddagh oo clashtyn kiaull Kernagh ec yn un chione, kiaull Yernagh ec y chione elley as Bretnee streppal 'sy vean. Carn

lught ynsee scholastic profession, teaching profession: Ta drogh ourys ec Bretnee dooie nagh vel y lught-ynsee slane ayns foayr jeh ynsaghey trooid Bretnish. Carn

shenn thie hovel, shanty: By vie lhieu cummal ayn, as t'ad kionnaghey shenn thie nagh vod Bretnee fordrail jannoo ass y noa. Carn

Yernee (The) Irish: Son y chooid smoo, she Bretnee as Yernee ny shenn-ayraghyn jeh'n sleih ta baghey sy cheer whaagh shoh. Carn


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