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border boarder, border; chemmal: Herbaceous border - Chemmal lussagh. DF idiom; creeagh; joarey; oirr; sheeyney lesh; slyst: The Scottish Border - Slyst ny Halbey. DF idiom; clyst; (v.) cur chemmal er

border border: as y border rish yn oirr echey glen mygeayrt vees reaish Bible

Inexact matches:

Border Land (n.) Martland

border land (n.) thalloo cree

border stone (n.) clagh chaglee

Border Television (n.) Chellveeish-Joarey

border town (n.) balley joarey

herbaceous border (n.) chemmal lussagh

Scottish Border (n.) Slyst ny Halbey

Great Border Land (n.) Meary Mooar

Little Border Land (n.) Meary Veg

western heear: And as for the western border, ye shall even have the great sea for a border - As er son y chierroo heear, been aarkey mooar hene eu son cagliagh Bible

balley joarey border town

Chellveeish-Joarey Border Television

chemmal lussagh herbaceous border

Martland Border Land

thalloo cree border land

creeagh (f.) border, borderline, boundary, termination

Meary Mooar Great Border Land

sheeyney lesh border; in contiguity

Slyst ny Halbey Scottish Border

clagh chaglee (f.) border stone, boundary stone

clyst See slyst border; region; suburb

cur chemmal er border, fringe, hem

joarey border, borderline, boundary, sheading; (of land) division

boarder border: ren eh rimmey airh son y boarder Bible

carpet (n.) carpad; brat laare: Will not the carpet have a border? - Nagh bee chemmal er y vrat-laare? JJK idiom; (v.) cur brat er

point out (v.) cowraghey magh; markal magh: And ye shall point out your east border - As nee shiu markal magh yn chagliagh har eu Bible

chemmal border, edge, edging, frieze, fringe, hem: er y chemmal, ver oo pomegranateyn Bible

colught (=Ir. comhlucht) pl. colughtyn body, company, firm: cha nel claaryn ry-hoi sleih ta gynsaghey Albinish goll er creeley ec Colught Chellveeish Border Carn

Meary Veg Little Border Land: Fosley yn raad gys y farrys-mooynlee noa ec Meary Veg, Skylley Stondane, va shen reaghit son y laa jiu. BS

oirr (=Ir. oir) (m., f.) pl. oirryn border, brim, brink, butt, edge, edging, end, ledge, margin, rim, verge: hug eh jeih loobyn as da-eed rish oirr mooie ny curtanyn Bible [L. ora]

s'cosoylagh likely, probably: S'cosoylagh dy bee Border creeley stoo ayns Albinish lurg tammylt. Carn

slyst (=Ir. slios) (pl -yn) border, coast, district, environ, region, seaboard, suburb: bee'n slyst echey roshtyn gys Zidon Bible

er oirr edgeways; on the border: Nish va cheer Happuah lesh Manasseh: agh va Tappuah, er oirr Vanasseh, er ny choyrt da cloan Ephraim. Bible; on the edge: As ver oo jeih loobyn as da-eed er oirr y churtan sodjey magh Bible


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