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Boaldyn (f.) (pl -yn) Baldwin: Hie yn nah "Kione Shiaghtin Gaelgagh" er cummal er y Cholloo ayns Mee Boaldyn. Carn; May

Inexact matches:

blaa Boaldyn lily of the valley

Boaldyn Heear (f.) Baldwin West

Broogh Boaldyn Maybank

Chibbyrt Boaldyn May Well

croan Boaldyn maypole

Laa Boaldyn May Day: Ta mee eddyr daa aile Laa Boaldyn. DF

Mee Boaldyn (=Ir. na Bealtaine) May: Va'n possan shoh currit er bun ayns Mee Boaldyn, nurree. Dhoor

eddyr daa aile Boaldyn in a dilemma

gys Laa Boaldyn Sniaghtee on the Greek Calends

Laa Buigh ny Boaldyn May Day

Laa Seyr Banc Boaldyn May Bank Holiday

lilee ny Boaldyn (f.) May lily

losserey ny Boaldyn (f.) cuckoo flower, lady's smock

lus ny Boaldyn (f.) cuckoo flower, lady's smock

lus vuigh ny Boaldyn (f.) kingcup

Mee ny Boaldyn (f.) May: Ghow Rennell mac Olaf toshiaght dy reill ayns Mannin er y cheyoo laa jeh Mee ny Boaldyn. Chron

veih Sauin gys Boaldyn long-winded

May (n.) Boaldyn, Mee Boaldyn; (Yn) chied vee jeh'n Tourey; Mee ny Boaldyn; Mee ny Boaldyney; Mee ny Cooagyn; Toshiaght Souree

cuckoo flower (n.) lheiney Voirrey; losserey ny Boaldyn; lus ny Boaldyn

lady's smock (n.) lheiney Voirrey, losserey ny Boaldyn, lus ny Boaldyn

May Day (n.) Beeal Voayldyn, Laa Boaldyn, Laa Buigh ny Boaldyn

Baldwin (n.) Boayldyn, Boaldyn

Baldwin West (n.) Boaldyn Heear

Maybank (n.) Broogh Boaldyn

maypole (n.) croan Boaldyn

May lily (n.) lilee ny Boaldyn

long-winded (adj.) foddey-ennalagh; veih Sauin gys Boaldyn

May Bank Holiday (n.) Laa Seyr Banc Boaldyn

May Well (n.) Chibbyrt Boaldyn, Chibbyrt Belthane

on the Greek Calends gys Laa Boaldyn Sniaghtee

kingcup (n.) bluightagh, bluight, bullaght, lus airhey ny lheeannagh, lus vuigh ny Boaldyn

lily of the valley (n.) blaa Boaldyn, lilee ny glionney, lilee y choan

in a dilemma eddyr daa aile Boaldyn: He was in a dilemma - V'eh eddyr daa aile Boayldyn DF idiom

goaill cheer land: Ren yn Chiarn Robard, Ree ny hAlbey, goaill cheer lesh lhuingys-chaggee mooar ec Rhumsaa er y hoghtoo laa jeig jeh Mee ny Boaldyn. Chron

Laa Sauiney All Saints' Day, Hollantide Day: Sourey goaill toshiaght Laa Boaldyn, as yn geurey Laa Sauiney. GB

Laa Souney All Hallow's Day, Hollantide Day: Bee "Coraa Ghailckagh" er ny coyrt magh Laa Boaldyn as Laa Souney, ta'n leagh lieh-chroon dagh vlein. Coraa

Souney November; (gen.) of November: Bee "Coraa Ghailckagh" er ny coyrt magh Laa Boaldyn as Laa Souney, ta'n leagh lieh-chroon dagh vlein. Coraa

Toshiaght Souree May: Yn nah feailley mooar Celtiagh t'ayn, shen Boaldyn, Toshiaght Souree, as foddee dy vel shen yn fer smoo ayns ny ardjyn Celtiagh. Dhoor


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