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black1 doo: The black ox never trod on his (own) foot - Cha stamp rieau yn dow doo er e chass. JJK idiom; ghoo: in the black and dark night - ayns fastyr yn oie ghoo ghorraghey Bible; gorrym; dooey; (v.) dooghey, dullyraghey; gobbal

black2 (adj.) (as outlook) branagh; dullyr

Inexact matches:

black alder (n.) farney doo

black ant (n.) sniengan doo

black art (n.) doo-chliaghtey, doo-ellyn, ellyn ghoo

black arts (npl.) doo-chliaghtaghyn, doo-ellynyn

black-backed gull (n.) foillan saggyrt, Juan Doo, Juan Mooar

Black Bay (n.) Baie Doo

black bearberry (n.) grineag ghoo

black beech (n.) faih dhoo

black bentgrass (n.) shaslagh ghoo

black-billed cuckoo (n.) cooag ghob-doo

black bindweed (n.) glioonagh ghoo

black bryony (n.) mandrag ghoo

Black Caves (npl.) Ooighyn Doo

black cherry (n.) shillish ghoo

Black Cliff (n.) Alt Doo

black-coated workers (npl.) lught ny h-oikyn

black cock (n.) kellagh doo

Black Creek (n.) Giau Doo

Black Croft (n.) Croit Doo

Black Death (n.) (The); (Yn) Gorley Doo

Black Division (n.) Rheynn Doo

black draught (n.) purgaid

black duck (n.) thunnag ghoo

black-eared wheatear (n.) thoyn-vane chleaysh-ghoo

black eye (n.) sooill-ghoo

Black Farm (n.) Balley Doo

Black Fold (n.) Bwoaillee Ghoo

Black Ford (n.) Doo Aah

black frost (n.) doo-rio

Black Glen (n.) Glion Doo, Doo Lion

black grouse1 (n.) (female) kiark lheeah

black grouse2 (n.) (male) kellagh doo

black guillemot (n.) caillagh ghoo, calmane marrey

Black Gulley (n.) Lhoob Doo

Black Head (n.) Kione Doo, Kione Dhoo

black headed (adj.) doo

black-headed bunting pompee chione-doo

Black-headed Wagtail (n.) Skibbag chione-doo

Black-headed Weaver (n.) Fidder kione-doo

Black Heron (n.) Coar ghoo

Black Hill (n.) Cronk Doo, Cronk Dhoo, Knock Doo

Black Hillock (n.) Nappan Doo

Black Hole (n.) Towl Doo

black hole (n.) towl doo

Black Hollow (n.) Lhag Doo, Lhag Dhoo

black horehound (n.) nep

black house (n.) thie doo

black ivory (n.) iuaagagh doo

black jaundice (n.) (yn) buighagh doo

black kite (n.) famman mooar doo

Black Lake (n.) Lough Doo, Doo Logh

Black Land (n.) Dooys, Dhoo Halloo, Doogh Halloo, Thalloo Dhoo, Doo Halloo

black lead (n.) leoaie ghoo; penn leoaie

black-legged cattle (npl.) maase doo-chassagh

black letter (n.) clou doo

black list (n.) claare doo

black magic (n.) buitcheraght, doo-chliaghtey, doo-ellyn

black man (n.) dooinney doo, fer doo, fer gorrym

Black Maria (n.) carr yn phrysoon, van ny meoiryn shee, van y phrysoon

black market (n.) margey doo

black marketeer (n.) delleyder 'sy vergey doo

Black Marsh (n.) Curragh Doo

black men (npl.) fir ghoo

Black Mountain (n.) Slieau Doo, Slieau Dhoo; Sart Fell

black-necked grebe (n.) eean Bretnagh; greeb doo

black nightshade (n.) croanreisht ghoo

Black Nook Cooil Doo

black oats (n.) corkey doo, plaggad doo

Black Pasture (n.) Pairk Doo

black pea (n.) pishyr ghoo

black pepper (n.) pibbyr doo

black place (n.) dooaghan

Black Point (n.) Gob Doo

Black Pool (n.) Lhing Doo; Dubbey Dhoo, Dubbey Doo

black poplar (n.) pobbyl doo

Black Pot (n.) Pot Doo

black pudding (n.) lhoob doo, putage ghoo

Black Quarter (n.) Kerroo Doo, Kerroo Dhoo

black races (npl.) kynneeyn gorrym

black rat (n.) roddan doo

black redstart (n.) thoyn-yiarg ghoo

Black Ridge (n.) Dreeym Doo

Black River (n.) Doo

Black Road (n.) Bayr Doo

Black Rock (n.) Creg Doo

black rock-lichen (n.) dooid ny greg

Black Rocks (npl.) Creggyn Doo

Black Sand (n.) Geinnagh Doo

Black Scoter (n.) Thunnag ghob-chrottagh Americaanagh

Black Sea (n.) (The); (Yn) Vooir Ghoo

black sedge (n.) shiast doo

black sheep (n.) keyrrey cheeir, keyrrey ghoo

Black Shieling (n.) Block Eary

Black Shrubbery (n.) Garee Doo

Black Slope (n.) Liargee Doo

black sole (n.) liehbaig chiare

black spleenwort (n.) doo-chassagh

black spot1 (n.) boayl sollagh

black spot2 (n.) (roses) boayl doo

Black Stones (npl.) Claghyn Doo

black stork (n.) coar ghoo

Black Summit (n.) Baare Doo

black-tailed godwit (n.) gob-kiare famman-doo

black tern (n.) gant doo; sternag ghoo

Black-throated Accentor (n.) Arraneyder scoarnagh-doo

black-throated diver (n.) thummeyder staghyllagh, thunnag ny scoarnagh doo; lhargey ghoo

black-throated thrush (n.) treshlen scoarnagh-ghoo

Black Water (n.) Doo

black wheatear (n.) thoyn-vane ghoo

black-winged pratincole (n.) pratincoyl skian-doo

black-winged stilt (n.) lurgagh

black woman (n.) ben ghorrym

black woodpecker (n.) snoggeyder doo

coal black geayl-ghoo

jet black (n., adj.) deyll-ghoo

lamp black (n.) smooreyvane

shoe black doo braagey

Balley Black Black's Farm

Baltic Black-backed Gull (n.) Foillan saggyrt Baltagh

Big Black Lake (n.) Dollagh Mooar

black and tan (adj.) doochroanagh

black and white warbler (n.) kiaulleyder doo as bane

Black Ford Pool (n.) Poyll Doo Aah

Black Ford Pool Road (n.) Bayr Poyll Doo Aah

black headed gull (n.) fooilleig

Black Hill Enclosure (n.) Close Sartfell

Black Hill of Heather (n.) Cronk Doo Ling

Black Pool Place (n.) Doo Poyllagh

Black Quarter Enclosure (n.) Close y Kerroo Doo

Black Rocky Place (n.) Creggan Doo

black sea bream (n.) carroo doo

Black Stranger's Croft (n.) Croit y Ghoal Doo

Black Trench Bleach End (n.) Clash Doo Kione Thoar

Caucasian Black Grouse (n.) Kellagh doo Coagaashagh

Croft of the Black Land (n.) Croit y Doo Halloo

End of the Black Land (n.) Kione Dooag

Eurasian Black Vulture (n.) Bultoor ghoo

great black-headed gull (n.) foillan Pallas

Great Black Hill (n.) Knock Doo Mooar

Horse of the Black Head (n.) Cabbyl y Chione Doo

lesser black backed gull (n.) saggyrt

Little Black Lake (n.) Dollagh Beg

Mill of the Black Ford (n.) Mwyllin Doo Aah

red and black jiarg as doo

white-crowned black wheatear (n.) thoyn-vane chlaiginagh

white-winged black tern (n.) sternag skian-vane

yoghurt black cherry (n.) binjean shillishyn doo

Doo Black River, Black Water

doo-chliaghtey black art, black magic

doo-ellyn (f.) black art, black magic

kellagh doo black cock; (male) black grouse

Black's Farm (n.) Balley Black

Alt Doo Black Cliff

Baare Doo Black Summit

Baie Doo Black Bay

Balley Doo Black Farm

Bayr Doo Black Road

ben ghorrym (f.) black woman

Block Eary Black Shieling

boayl doo (roses) black spot

boayl sollagh black spot

branagh black, mournful

buighagh doo (yn) black jaundice

Bwoaillee Ghoo Black Fold

calmane marrey black guillemot

claare doo black list

Claghyn Doo Black Stones

Coar ghoo (f.) Black Heron

Cooil Doo Black Nook


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