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bayr (=Ir. bóthar) pl. bayryn avenue, drive, lane, pad, roadway: Bayr coon agh liauyr va eddyr ad ny-neesht, cagliagh annoon noi noid 's y cliwe rooisht! PC; (country) road; (road) way; thoroughfare

Inexact matches:

Bayr Cam (n.) Bayr Cam

Bayr Aittin Gorse Road

Bayr Ammell Hammer Mountain Road

Bayr Bane White Road

Bayr Beg Little Road

Bayr Breinn Stinking Road

Bayr Broigh Dirty Road

bayr cairt cart track

Bayr Cam Bayr Cam

Bayr Claddee Marshy Lane

Bayr Clagh Stony Road

bayr claghagh stony road

Bayr Coon Narrow Road

bayr crink hill road

Bayr Crosh Cross Road

Bayr Curragh Marsh Road

Bayr Curree Road of the Marsh

Bayr Dhowin Deep Road

Bayr Doo Black Road

Bayr Drinagh Thorny Road

Bayr Eleanora Eleanora Drive

bayr fo-halloo subway

Bayr Frowde Frowde's Road

Bayr Gaish Road of the Causeway

Bayr Garroo Rough Road

Bayr Gawne Gawne's Road

Bayr Giare Short Road

bayr gleashtanagh motorway

Bayr Heose Barroose

Bayr Huntan Hampton's Road

Bayr Janet Janet's Road

Bayr Jiarg Red Road

Bayr Kneen Kneen's Road

bayr lhaggagh hollow road

Bayr Lhean Broad Road

Bayr Mooar Big Road

bayr mooar highroad, main road, public way

Bayr Noa New Road

Bayr Quiggin Quiggin's Road

Bayr Ruy Red Road

Bayr Sloo Smallest Road

Bayr Tessyn Cross Road

Bayr Thoar Bleach Green Road

bayr traie seafront

Bayr Woirrey Mary's Road

bayr yiarn permanent way

currym bayr maintenance order

Balley Bayr Vane White Road Farm

Bayr Balley Brooie Ballabrooie Way

Bayr Balley Gawne Gawne's Farm Road

Bayr Balley Leigh Ballaleigh Road

Bayr Bane Beg Little White Road

Bayr Bane Jiass South White Road

Bayr Bane Twoaie North White Road

Bayr Blaa ny Ferrishyn Campion Way

Bayr Cronk yn Illiu Road of Wolf Hill

Bayr Curragh ny h'Awin Marshy River Road

Bayr Geinnee Bane White Sand Road

Bayr Ghlion Truan Glen Stream Road

Bayr Halloo Clieau Mountain Land Road

Bayr 'n Ell Mountain Road

Bayr ny Claairey Plank Road

Bayr ny Claarey Road of the Plank

Bayr ny Creggey Road of the Rock

Bayr ny Gabbil Horses' Road

Bayr ny Geayee Windy Road

Bayr ny Ghiat Road of the Field

Bayr ny h'Ayrey Road of the Gravel Bank

Bayr ny Lhaggey Road of the Hollow

Bayr ny Loughey Road of the Lake

Bayr ny Marroo Road of the Dead

Bayr ny Maynaghyn Road of the Monks

Bayr ny n'Eayn Road of the Lambs

Bayr ny Nerinagh Irishman's Road

Bayr ny Ooylyn Road of the Apples

Bayr ny Pasheyder Potter's Road

Bayr ny Pollagh Road of the Pools

Bayr ny Quarralagh Quarry Road

Bayr ny Thunnag Road of the Duck

Bayr Poyll Doo Aah Black Ford Pool Road

Bayr Ree Illiam King Williams Way

Bayr Slieau ny Corony Corony Mountain Road

Bayr Thie yn Taggyrt Vicarage Way

Bayr Valley 'c Phaayl Ballaquayle Road

Bayr y Chrou Horseshoe Avenue

Bayr y Creggan Road of the Rocky Place

Bayr y Dam Road of the Dam

Bayr y Garrett Garrett's Road

Bayr y Harstal Goat Cliff Road

Bayr y Kaighin Kaighin's Road

Bayr y Lheeannee Lheaney Road

Bayr yn Ellan Rhennee Ferny Isle Road

Bayr y Poyll Ruy Road of the Red Pool

Bayr y Ree Royal Way

Bayr y Reeast Wasteland Road

Bayr Yude Noo St Judes Road

Bayr y Vriw Deemster's Road

Creg ny Bayr Creg ny Baa

Croit Bayr ny Geayee Croft of the Windy Road

Cronk Bayr Noa Hill of the New Road

cur y bayr da sack

cur yn bayr da send away

Dreeym Bayr Sloo Smallest Road Ridge

Raad Bayr Drommey Ridgeway Road

Straid Bayr Drommey Ridgeway Street

Strooan Bayr Lieau Mountain Road Stream

Cross Road (n.) Bayr Tessyn; Bayr Crosh

Red Road (n.) Bollagh Jiarg, Bayr Jiarg, Bayr Ruy

road3 (n.) (country) bayr: Road that runs along the river - Bayr ta sheeynt rish yn awin. DF idiom

Barroose (n.) Bayr Heose

Big Road (n.) Bayr Mooar

Black Road (n.) Bayr Doo

Broad Road (n.) Bayr Lhean

cart track (n.) bayr cairt

Deep Road (n.) Bayr Dhowin

Dirty Road (n.) Bayr Broigh

Eleanora Drive (n.) Bayr Eleanora

Frowde's Road (n.) Bayr Frowde

Gawne's Road (n.) Bayr Gawne

Gorse Road (n.) Bayr Aittin

Hampton's Road (n.) Bayr Huntan

highroad (n.) bayr mooar, raad-vooar

hill road (n.) bayr crink

hollow road (n.) bayr lhaggagh

Janet's Road (n.) Bayr Janet

Kneen's Road (n.) Bayr Kneen

Marsh Road (n.) Bayr Curragh

Marshy Lane (n.) Bayr Claddee

Mary's Road (n.) Bayr Woirrey

motorway (n.) bayr gleashtanagh

Narrow Road (n.) Bayr Coon

permanent way (n.) bayr yiarn

Quiggin's Road (n.) Bayr Quiggin

roadway (n.) bayr, raad

Rough Road (n.) Bayr Garroo

sack cragh; sack: Sack of coal - Sack geayil. DF idiom; (v.) cur y bayr da: He got the sack - Hug ad y bayr da. DF idiom; spooilley

Short Road (n.) Bayr Giare

Smallest Road (n.) Bayr Sloo

Stinking Road (n.) Bayr Breinn

Stony Road (n.) Bayr Clagh

stony road (n.) bayr claghagh

subway (n.) bayr fo-halloo

way3 (n.) (road) bayr

White Road (n.) Bayr Bane

ard-phlan master plan: Shoh lhiasaghey da Ard-Phlan son lhiasaghey-thieys eddyr Bayr Rhumsaa as Bayr Balley Poer ec Purt ny h-Inshey. BS

avenue (n.) astyl, ardane, bayr, lonnagh

Ballabrooie Way (n.) Bayr Balley Brooie

Ballaleigh Road (n.) Bayr Balley Leigh

Bleach Green Road (n.) Bayr Thoar

Deemster's Road (n.) Bayr y Vriw

Garrett's Road (n.) Bayr y Garrett

Hammer Mountain Road (n.) Bayr Ammell

Horseshoe Avenue (n.) Bayr y Chrou

Horses' Road (n.) Bayr ny Gabbil

Irishman's Road (n.) Bayr ny Nerinagh

Kaighin's Road (n.) Bayr y Kaighin

Lheaney Road (n.) Bayr y Lheeannee

Little Road (n.) Bayr Beg, Vowlan

pad1 (n.) bayr; doarn; kiap; pardoge

Plank Road (n.) Bayr ny Claairey

Potter's Road (n.) Bayr ny Pasheyder

Quarry Road (n.) Bayr ny Quarralagh

Ridgeway Road (n.) Raad Bayr Drommey

Ridgeway Street (n.) Straid Bayr Drommey

Royal Way (n.) Bayr y Ree

thoroughfare (n.) bollagh, cassan; bayr, straid

Wasteland Road (n.) Bayr y Reeast

Windy Road (n.) Bayr ny Geayee

Ballaquayle Road (n.) Bayr Valley 'c Phaayl


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