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and (conj.) as

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and then as eisht: First the house was burnt and then the church - Hoshiaght va'n thie loshtit as eisht yn cheeill. JJK idiom

and thirdly (adv.) as tree

and three as tree

land-and-loan deal (n.) dellal thalloo-as-eeasaght

rag-and-bone man (n.) fer fritlag

Accident and Emergency Department (n.) Rheynn Drogh-haghyrt as Gear-cheim

aiding and abetting cooney as greesaghey

all and all ooilley as ass

all and sundry (n.) seihll as e ven

and so on (adv.) as myr shen

Anti-Terrorism and Crime Act (n.) Slattys Lhiettal Tranlaase-Agglee as Kimmeeys

arts and crafts (npl.) ellynyn as keirdyn

Association of Teachers and Lecturers (n.) Co-heshaght Ynseyderyn as Leaghteyryn

between moon and sunlight eddyr y daa hollys

between now and then eddyr nish as y traa shen

betwixt and between eddyr oc

Bishop of Sodor and Mann (n.) Aspick Sodor as Mannin

black and tan (adj.) doochroanagh

black and white warbler (n.) kiaulleyder doo as bane

body and soul (adv.) corp as annym

bribery and corruption (n.) sollaghey as kionnaghey

bride and groom cubbyl noa-phoost

broadband connection and speeds kianglaghyn as bieauidyn boandey lhean

Children and Young Persons Act Slattys Cloan as Sleih Aegey

clay and straw mortar plaastyr cray as thoo

cleaning and washing products cooid-ghlennee as niee

come and go goll noon as noal

coming and going (v.) cheet as goll

Constituency of Malew and Santan (n.) Rheynn-reihys Valew as Stondane

continental craft and food fair (n.) margey keird as bee ass y çheer vooar

counterfoil and leaf (n.) duillag as coghuillag

Cowboy Builders and Bogus Callers (npl.) Troggeyderyn Camlaagagh as Keayrtee Vreagagh

curds and whey (n.) groo as meaig

Customs and Excise (the); (y) Cheesh-Varrey as y Cheesh Sthie

customs and excise duties (npl.) keeshyn-marrey as keeshyn sthie

day and night (n.) laa as oie

deaf and dumb bouyr balloo

Debt Recovery and Enforcement Act (n.) Slattys Geddyn Er Ash as Eignaghey Eeck Feeaghyn

Department of Education and Children (n.) Rheynn Ynsee as Paitchyn

Department of Health and Wellbeing (n.) Rheynn Slaynt as Follanys

Department of Tourism and Leisure (n.) Rheynn Turrysid as Soccar

Department of Trade and Industry (n.) Rheynn Dellal as Jeadys

Diocese of Sodor and Man (n.) Aspickys Vannin

director and engineering manager (n.) stiureyder as reireyder-jeshaghtys

dots and dashes ponkyn as skilleigyn

Douglas and District Angling Club (n.) Sheshaght Eeastee Ardjyn Ghoolish

drug and alcohol strategy (n.) strateish druggaghyn as jough veshtallagh

Drugs and Alcohol Adviser (n.) Coyrlagh Druggyn as Jough Veshtallagh

Drugs and Therapeutic Committee (n.) (The); (Y) Ving cour Druggaghyn as Lheihys

Economic and Financial Affairs Council (n.) Coonceil Cooishyn Argidoil as Tarmaynagh

Electrical, Home and Toys (n.) Cooid Lectragh, Thie as Gaihaghyn

every now and then (ny) cheayrtyn

Explore Newspapers and Journals Ronsee Pabyryn-naight as Earish-lioaryn

Explore Newspapers and Publications Ronsee Pabyryn-naight as Cooid-chlouit

fair and square jeeragh; kiart as corrym

far and wide (adv.) foddey as gerrid

fathers and mothers (npl.) ayraghyn as moiraghyn

Fertilisers and Feeding Stuffs Act (n.) (Amendment); (Lhiasaghey) Slattys Toarrey as Stoo-beaghee

film and TV tie-ins (npl.) cochianglaghyn fillym as chellveeish

Financial Provisions and Currency Act (n.) Slattys Kiarailyn Argidoil as Argid Cadjin

first and last toshiaght as jerrey

foot and mouth (n.) chingys yn ollee, gorley crubbane as beeal

fore and aft veih toshiaght gys jerrey

Forestry Amenity and Lands Division (n.) Fo-rheynn Keylljyn Buill-hoccar as Thallooyn

for ever and ever son dy bragh as dy bragh: And her smoke rose up for ever and ever - as hrog yn jaagh eck seose son dy bragh as dy bragh bible

for good and all er son ooilley

form and matter cummey as oyr

former and latter toshiaght as jerrey

Four and Twenty Harbour (n.) Purt ny Kiare as Feed

Four and Twenty Road (n.) Raad ny Kiare as Feed

full and good slane appee as mie

General Manager and Director (n.) Ard-reireyder as Stiureyder

hale and hearty (adj.) follan sunt

hanging and quartering (v.) croghey as tayrn

head and tail (n.) bun dy baare

heads and tails oaieyn as cooylyn

Health and Safety Advisor (n.) Coyrleyder Slaynt as Sauchys

Health and Social Care Library (n.) Lioarlann Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay

hence and thence (adv.) noon as noal

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (n.) Ventyrys y Ghaeltaght

hither and thither (adv.) huggey as veih, noon as noal; veih-my-cheilley: they parted hither and thither - rheynn ad veih-my-cheilley bIBLE

hook and eye (n.) dooan as croae

hop skip and jump corlheim skibbag as lheim

hue and cry (n.) yllagh as eam: To raise a hue and cry against - Dy hroggal yllagh as eam ny yei. DF idiom

humming and hawing (v.) thittal

husband and wife (n.) cubbyl poost

Indigenous, minority and lesser-used languages (n.) Chengaghyn dooghyssagh, myn-chengaghyn as chengaghyn sloo-ymmydit

Information, Communications and Technology (n.) Fysseree, Çhellinsh as Çhaghnoaylleeaght

Information and Communication Technology (n.) Çhaghnoaylleeaght Fysseree as Çhellinsh

Information Communications and Technology (n.) Fysseree Çhellinsh as Çhaghnoaylleeaght

Institute for Supervision and Management (n.) Undinys Oaseirys as Stiurey

International Viola Competition and Workshop (n.) Cohirrey as Keirdlann Viola Eddyrashoonagh

kith and kin (npl.) caarjyn as mooinjer

Learning and Development Department (n.) Rheynn Ynsee as Lhiasee

Legislation and Policy (n.) Slattyssyn as Polasee

Lo and behold (intj) Yindys ny yindyssyn

Local Government and the Environment (n.) Reiltys Ynnydagh as y Çhymmyltaght

long and short of it bun as baare jeh

Management and members' Standards Committee (n.) Bing Reirey as Stundayrtyn Olteynyn

Manager Legal and Administrative Services (n.) Reireyder Shirveishyn Leigh as Reagheydys

man and wife (n.) lannoon

Manx Aviation and Military Museum (n.) Thie Tashtee Etlagh as Cahnaght Vannin

Manx Museum and National Trust (n.) Thie-tashtee Vannin as y Barrantys Ashoonagh, Thie Tashtee as Treisht Ashoonagh Vannin

Manx National and Classical Music (n.) Kiaull Ashoonagh as Classicagh Vannin

Marriage and Civil Registration Act (n.) Slattys Poosee as Recortyssey Theayagh

Media and Events Co-ordinator (n.) Co-ordrailagh Ymysseraght as Immeeaghtyn

milk and water (n.) amglass; amvlass

Minister of Policy and Reform (n.) Shirveishagh Polasee as Lhiasaghey

Ministers, Members and Officers (npl.) Shirveishee, Olteynyn as Fir-oik

mustard and cress (n.) marrag as burley; mustart as burley

name and address (n.) ennym as enmys

National Library and Archives (n.) Lioarlann as Recortyssyn Ashoonagh

neck and neck (adj., adv.) gob er ghob

Niarbyl Café and Visitor Centre (n.) Thie-Bee as Ynnyd-Keayrtee yn Arbyl

now and then (adv.) nish as reesht

null and void (adj.) ass bree

Nurseries and Pre-schools (npl.) Brastyllyn Oikanagh as Ro-scoillyn

Nursing and Midwifery Council (n.) Coonseil Boandyrys as Freealtys

odd and even cor as corrym

on and off (adv.) nish as reesht

one and all cagh; dagh ooilley pheiagh

Organised and International Crime Act (n.) Slattys Kimmeeys Reaghit as Eddyrashoonagh

out and out ass; ass as ass; magh as magh: He is an out and out republican - T'eh ny phoblaghteyr magh as magh. DF idiom; ooilley as ass

over and above that harrish as erskyn shen

over and over (adv.) harrish as tarrish

Parent and Toddler Groups (npl.) Possanyn Paarant as Lhiannoo

pests and diseases (npl.) noidyn as çhingyssyn

pins and needles (n.) cadley jargan

Planning and Building Control (n.) Plannal as Gurneil Troggal

play ducks and drakes (v.) jollickey

Policy and Resources Committee (n.) Bing Pholasee as Cooid

powder and shot (n.) poodyr as leoaie

power of life and death (n.) pooar er baase as bea

private and confidential cleagh as er lheh; er lheh; follit

pro and con lheh as noi (ny)

profit and loss (n.) cosney as coayl

pros and cons (n.) daa heu jeh'n skeeal: Weigh the pros and cons - Yn daa heu y veihaghey. DF idiom

quiet and easy fea fastagh

rack and pinion (n.) rack as pinnioon

rags and tatters (npl.) giubbil

Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital (n.) Thie-lheihys Cheerey Ardjyn Rhumsaa

rank and file (n.) sidooryn cadjin

red and black jiarg as doo

regeneration and community advisory committee (n.) bing son jannoo ass y noa as coyrlaghey da'n cho-phobble

right and equal kiart as corrym

rights and duties (npl.) cairyn as currymyn

rising and falling thooilley as traie

safe and happy souyr-sauchey

safe and sound (adj.) slane sauchey

Science and Technology Zone (n.) Kerroo Sheanse as Chaghnoaylleeaght

scope and cost (n.) reayn as costys

share and share alike lieh my lieh

slowly and surely (adv.) dy moal as dy shickyr

smash and grab brishey as gaddeeys

solemnization and registration of marriage casherickey poosey as e recortyssey

Sound Restaurant and Visitor Centre (n.) Thie-Bee as Ynnyd-Keayrtee yn Cheyllys

spiced, cured and dried spiosit,  saillit as chirmit

spick and span (adj.) oor-ghlen; skeabit as scooirit

spit and polish (n.) scooirey as glenney

Standards and Members' Issues Committee (n.) Bing Stundartyn as Cooishyn Olteynyn

start and finish toshiaght as jerrey

Strategic Planning and Governance Manager (n.) Plannal Strateyshagh as Reireyder Gurneilys

Strategy, Policy and Performance (n.) Strateysh, Polasee as Cooilleeney

study and treatment of tumors (n.) aasoaylleeaght

terms and conditions (npl.) kianglaghyn as conaantyn

there and back ayn as ass

thick and fast mooin y cheilley

thousands and hundreds thousaneyn as keeadyn: David consulted with the captains of thousands and hundreds - ghow David coyrle marish ny captanyn thousaneyn as keeadyn Bible

to and fro (adv.) hoal as wass; huggey as veih; noon as noal: They run to and fro - T'ad roie noon as noal. DF idiom

Town and Country Planning Act (n.) Slattys Gurneil Troggal ayns Baljyn as er y Cheer

Transport and General Workers' Union (n.) Sheshaght Cheirdee ny h-Obbreeyn Arraghey as Obbreeyn Cadjin

TT Races and Motor Sports (npl.) Ratchyn TT as Spoyrtyn Gleasheyder

two thousand and twelve (n.) feed cheead as daa-yeig

Tynwald National Park and Arboretum (n.) Pairk Ashoonagh as Garey Biljagh Tinvaal

under lock and key fo ghlass

United Kingdom and Ireland Tournament (n.) Yl-chloie yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit as Nerin

waste policy and strategy (n.) polasee-orçh as strateish

Water and Sewerage Authority (n.) Lught-reill Ushtey as Sornaigys

weal and woe sonnys as donnys

wear and tear (n.) ceau as rubbal

weights and measures trimmidyn as towshanyn; meihaghyn as towshanyn

wide and near foddey as gerrid

wildlife and conservation bea-feie as freayltys

Wildlife and Conservation Division (n.) Fo-rheynn Bea-feie as Freayltys

Ancient Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons (n.) Shenn Vraaraght ny Masoonee Heyrey as Onnorit

Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (n.) Ynnyd Çhymmyltaght, Eeastagh as Sheanse Eirinys-marrey

Churches, Chapels and Keeills of the Isle of Man (npl.) Kialteenyn, Cabbalyn as Keeillyn Ellan Vannin

Commonwealth Speakers and Presiding Officers Conference (n.) Co-choyrle Loayreyderyn as Offishearyn Gurneilagh y Cho-unnaneys

Composting and Household Waste Recycling Centre (n.) Laare Mholmaghey as Aachoorsal Smooirlagh Thie

Criminal Justice, Police and Courts Act (n.) Slattys Cairys Kimmee, ny Meoiryn-shee as ny Quaiylyn

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (n.) Rheynn Eirinys, Eeastagh as Keylljyn

Department of Community, Culture and Leisure (n.) Rheynn Co-phobble, Cultoor as Soccar

Department of Education and Children Chief Executive (n.) Ard-sheckteragh y Rheynn Ynsee as Paitchyn

Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (n.) Rheynn Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys

Department of Health and Social Care (n.) Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay

Department of Health and Social Security (n.) Rheynn Slaynt as Shickyrys y Theay

Department of Local Government and the Environment (n.) Rheynn Reiltys Ynnydagh as y Chymmyltaght

Douglas Borough Lawn Cemetery and Woodland Area (n.) Ruillick-faaie as Keyll-oanluckee Balley Corpagh Doolish

Driving Test and Vehicle Examination Centre (n.) Ynnyd Prowal Imman as Scrutaghey Carbid


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