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Americaanagh (=Ir. Meiriceánach) pl. Americaanee American, Yankee: Ta roggadys Americaanagh as Rooshagh freayll yn chee. DF

Inexact matches:

Booberey Americaanagh American bittern

kayt Americaanagh ocelot

laagh Americaanagh canvas-back

Lossey Americaanagh American Goldfinch

Lossyrane Americaanagh American Flamingo

organe Americaanagh American organ

roddan Americaanagh chinchilla

treshlen Americaanagh (f.) American thrush

tweet Americaanagh American pipit

coar vooar Americaanagh (f.) American bittern

kiark ushtey Americaanagh (f.) American coot

kiark ushtey ghorrym Americaanagh (f.) American purple gallinule

kiaulleyder jiarg Americaanagh American redstart

laagh ruy Americaanagh (f.) American wigeon

stannair ruy Americaanagh American kestrel

Thunnag ghob-chrottagh Americaanagh (f.) Black Scoter

American bittern (n.) coar vooar Americaanagh; Booberey Americaanagh

American (n., adj.) Americaanagh, Americanagh: American and Russian rocketry keep the peace - Ta roggadys Americaanagh as Rooshagh freayll yn chee. DF idiom

American Flamingo (n.) Lossyrane Americaanagh

American Goldfinch (n.) Lossey Americaanagh

American organ (n.) organe Americaanagh

American pipit (n.) tweet Americaanagh

American thrush (n.) treshlen Americaanagh

canvas-back (n.) laagh Americaanagh

chinchilla (n.) roddan Americaanagh

ocelot (n.) kayt Americaanagh

Yankee (n., adj.) Americaanagh, Yankee

American coot (n.) kiark ushtey Americaanagh

American kestrel (n.) stannair ruy Americaanagh

American redstart (n.) kiaulleyder jiarg Americaanagh

American wigeon (n.) laagh ruy Americaanagh

Anglo-American (n.) Anglo-Americaanagh

Black Scoter (n.) Thunnag ghob-chrottagh Americaanagh

pan-American ooilley-Americaanagh; pan-Americaanagh

Spanish American (n.) Spaainey-Americaanagh

Anglo-Americaanagh Anglo-American

ooilley-Americaanagh pan-American

pan-Americaanagh pan-American

Spaainey-Americaanagh Spanish American

American purple gallinule (n.) kiark ushtey ghorrym Americaanagh

Russian (adj., n.) Rooshagh: American and Russian rocketry keep the peace - Ta roggadys Americaanagh as Rooshagh freayll yn chee. DF idiom; (n.) Rooshish

argideyr (=Ir. airgead├│ir) cashier, financier, teller: Va Peter Bond gymmrkey feanish ayns y chooish jeh Robert E Brennan, Americaanagh va ny argideyr roish shoh. BS

jannoo turrys ply, make a journey: Va'n ventyr Americaanagh Space Ship One, ny Lhong Spoar Nane, speeideilagh as ee jannoo turrys tree minnid ayns spoar ren cosney moylley mooar. BS


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