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America (n.) America: He has been in America - T'eh er ve ayns America. JJK idiom

America America

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Central America (n.) (Yn) Americkey Veanagh

Brattagh America Old Glory

United States of America (npl.) (The) (USA) Steatyn Unnaneysit America

Co-heshaght Vanninagh America Twoaie (f.) North American Manx Association

Steatyn Unnaneysit America (The) United States of America; USA

Old Glory (n.) Brattagh America

USA (n.) Steatyn Unnaneysit America

Americkey Veanagh (Yn) Central America

North American Manx Association (n.) Co-heshaght Vanninagh America Twoaie

feedyn twenties: T'ad gra dy vel feedyn dy housaneyn jeu cummal dy hanleighalagh ayns America. Carn

fir-obbree workers: Nish va kuse dy Vanninee ayn, eeasteyryn, seyir-thie, as eirinee lesh fir-obbree elley, bailloo goll tessyn y faarkey dys America Dhoor

graynoil abhorrent, horrible, horrid, loathsome, repellent, repulsive: Lurg ny skeealyn atchimagh as graynoil jeh'n thurrys er y lhong, cha nhyrrys dy duirree ad ayns America Dhoor

jeh beggan scansh trivial, unimportant: Ga dy vel Nerin jeh beggan scansh myr cheer, er aght keoi ennagh ta ny Americanee coontey ee y ve scanshoil ayns caggey eddyr America as y Roosh. Carn

kyndagh rish shen owing to that: Kyndagh rish shen, ta thousaneyn dy Yernee aegey er naagail Nerin dy hirrey obbyr ayns America as ayns Sostyn. Carn

noa-emshiragh latter-day, modern, modernistic, new-style, up-to-date: ta'n sleih aeg er ny choyrt shaghey yn kiaull noa emshiragh voish America Carn

robaig (f.) whisker, whiskers: ta caa eu dy phoosey yn çhiarn smoo ayns America Jiass, echey ta robaig feer stoamey CnyO

scaalheanit broadcast, diffuse, disbanded: cha nel agh ghaa ny tree jeu faagit 'sy valley nish; t'ad ooilley ersooyl as nyn sluight scaalheanit harrish y theihll, ayns Sostyn, Canada, America as Australia. Coraa

Sostyn Noa (f.) New England: my shoh hie ad gys America, yn ayrn enmyssit 'Sostyn Noa', as hoie ad seose ayns shen myr fir-cheirdee as marchanyn Dhoor


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