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Africa (n.) (Yn) Affrick; Affrickey: She was destined for Africa - Dys Africkey v'ee kiarit goll. DF idiom

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Africa Court (n.) Cooyrt yn Affrick

Central Africa (n.) (Yn) Affrick Veanagh

East Africa (n.) (Yn) Affrick Hiar

North Africa (n.) (Yn) Affrick Hwoaie

South Africa (n.) (Yn) Affrick Yiass

West Africa (n.) (Yn) Affrick Heear

Affrickey (f.) Africa

Affrick Heear (f.) (Yn) West Africa

Affrick Hiar (f.) (Yn) East Africa

Affrick Hwoaie (f.) (Yn) North Africa

Affrick Veanagh (f.) (Yn) Central Africa

Affrick Yiass (f.) (Yn) South Africa

Cooyrt yn Affrick (f.) Africa Court

destine (v.) kiarail: She was destined for Africa - Dys Africkey v'ee kiarit goll. DF idiom

intended kiarit: She intended to go to Africa - Dys Africka v'ee kiarit goll. DF idiom; treealit

Affrick (f.) (Yn) Africa: Ren eshyn as e ven Joyce goll dy chummal ayns yn Affrick, agh beign daue cheet dy valley. Carn

ben varrey (f.) mermaid: Va Robin er lhong enmyssit y 'Ben Varrey' as v'ee cheet thie veih'n slyst airhey ayns Africa Sheear Dhoor

scoaghit alarmed, frightened, horrified, intimidated: v'ee scoaghit dy gheddyn magh dy row yn Mainstyr dellal ayns sleabyn neesht, sleih dhoo as dhone er nyn goyrt lesh veih Africa myr fir-vondagh, deiney, mraane as Dhoor


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