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chiow banglaneagh central heating

chiow (=Ir. téamh) warm, warming, warm up: ren ny creeaghyn oc chiow gys Abimelech Bible; inclined, yearned; (pl -ghyn) heat; (er ny) warmed

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çhiow ny cruinney global warming

cur chiow da warm

central heating (n.) chiow banglaneagh

warm (n.) brabbag; chiow; (v.) cur chiow da; (adj.) blah; cheh: There's no more warm milk - Cha nel arragh dy vainney cheh ayn. JJK idiom

warmed chiowit, chiowt; (v.) hiow; (er ny) chiow: Wax is soft, when warmed - Ta kere bog, tra t'ee er ny chiow. JJK idiom

warming (n.) chiow; (gen.) chiowee

warm up (v.) chiow

yearned chiow

global warming (n.) çhiow ny cruinney

inclined cleaynt; chiow: and their hearts inclined to follow Abimelech - as ren ny creeaghyn oc chiow gys Abimelech Bible; chroym: But they obeyed not, neither inclined their ear - Agh cha dug adsyn biallys, chamoo chroym ad nyn gleaysh Bible

heat chiass; chiow; dreays; ferg; gred; gree; (v.) greddal, greddey

old (n.) (yn) chenn: Stirring the old embers - Chiow yn chenn vroit. DF idiom; (adj.) shann, shenn

wax1 aase, bishaghey, lhieeney, sholl; cur kere er; gloas lesh kere; kere: Wax is soft, when warmed - Ta kere bog, tra t'ee er ny chiow. JJK idiom; kerey

feasley cast loose, cast off, liberation, loose: As feasley e vayrn myn-vrisht, as chiow e laueyn Dhoor; (as problem) work out

lectraghys (=Ir. leictreachas) electricity: ta'n gas cheh chiow ushtey dy yannoo gaal, as ta ymmyd jeant jeh'n ghaal dy ghiennaghtyn lectraghys. Carn

soft (adj.) bog: Wax is soft, when warmed - Ta kere bog, tra t'ee er ny chiow. JJK idiom; boggyr; glass; meen, meein, meeinagh; meeley: Will you have it hard or soft ? - Bee eh eu creoi ny meeley? JJK idiom; meddey, mettey; nesh; tash; meiygh; dy kiune, dy rea


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