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chingys cleayshey (f.) earache

chingys (f.) (pl -syn) disease, disorder, illness, palsy, stroke: bwoaill-ym oo lesh chingys as traartys, kyndagh rish dty pheccaghyn. Bible; indisposition

Inexact matches:

ard-chingys ching migraine

chingys aane (f.) hepatitis

chingys aaney (f.) liver disease

chingys aer (f.) air-sickness

chingys aignagh (f.) mental illness

chingys aigney (f.) mental illness

chingys breinney (f.) womb illness

chingys builg (f.) belly ache, bellyache

chingys cadlee (f.) lethargy, sleeping sickness

chingys cassee (f.) vertigo

chingys chab (f.) neuralgia

chingys chlienney (f.) (birth) travail

chingys clienney (f.) childbirth

chingys craaee (f.) ague, palsy: ta my er-mooinjerey ny lhie ching ec y thie jeh'n chingys-craaee Bible

chingys curree (f.) paludism

chingys drommey (f.) lumbago, spinal disease

chingys 'eeackle (f.) toothache

chingys gailley (f.) gastric troubles, nausea, stomach pain

chingys ghailley (f.) digestive trouble, stomach ache, bellyache: Va chingys ghailley agglagh jannoo orrym yn shiaghtin va mee son reaghey Dhooraght, as va mee currit gys y thie lheihys rish laa ny ghaa. Dhoor

chingys ghliooney (m., f.) mallenders

chingys ghrommey (f.) backache

chingys Injinagh (f.) (yn) beriberi

chingys jee-traastey (f.) decompression sickness

chingys king (=Ir. tinneas-cinn) (f.) headache

chingys leoaie (f.) lead colic

chingys marrey (f.) seasickness

chingys millish (f.) (yn) diabetes

chingys nearag (f.) nervous troubles

chingys neayrag (f.) neuropathy

chingys neulheiltagh (f.) palsy

chingys ollee (f.) cattle disease

chingys scoill (f.) truantship

chingys sooilley (f.) eye trouble

chingys tayrnee (f.) (yn) convulsions

chingys theayagh (f.) epidemic

chingys traartagh (f.) destructive disease

chingys tuittymagh (f.) (yn) epilepsy

chingys varrey (f.) seasickness

chingys vreagagh (f.) malingering

chingys Yernagh (f.) (yn) Irish disease; salmon disease, ulcerated dermal necrosis

grash chingys attack of illness

lhiabbee chingys (f.) sickbed

lowanse chingys sick allowance

seyrey chingys sick leave

chingys ching veih'n volg (f.) sick headache

chingys mooar y yiarrey (f.) dysentery

chingys ny coyin (f.) rabies

chingys ny heayst (f.) lunacy

chingys ny henneeyn (f.) brain sickness

chingys ny meaineyderyn (f.) phthisis

chingys ny mraane (f.) menstruation

chingys ny mucyn (f.) (the) purples

chingys ny trommys (f.) melancholy

chingys y cleeau (f.) tuberculosis

chingys yn ollee (f.) foot and mouth

chingys yn ree (f.) scrofula

chingys y yiarrey (f.) diarrhoea

chingys y yummallys (f.) squandermania

cur chingys er indispose, sicken

lhiggey chingys er malinger

lus y chingys 'syn ollee (f.) alexanders

bellyache (n.) gorley gailley, chingys builg; (v.) cremey; chingys ghailley

mental illness (n.) chingys aignagh, chingys aigney, gorley aignagh

seasickness (n.) chingys marrey; chingys varrey

palsy (n.) chingys craaee: my servant lieth at home sick of the palsy - ta my er-mooinjerey ny lhie ching ec y thie jehn chingys-craaee Bible; chingys neulheiltagh, neulheiltys; chingys; palsee: men brought in a bed a man which was taken with a palsy - hug sleih lhieu ayns lhiabbee dooinney va ching jehn palsee bible

air-sickness (n.) chingys aer

beriberi (n.) (yn) chingys Injinagh

convulsions (npl.) (yn) chingys tayrnee

decompression sickness (n.) chingys jee-traastey

destructive disease (n.) chingys traartagh

digestive trouble chingys ghailley

earache (n.) chingys cleayshey

epidemic chingys theayagh; ym-ghorley

epilepsy (n.) (yn) chingys tuittymagh

eye trouble chingys sooilley

gastric troubles (npl.) chingys gailley

headache (n.) chingys king: I have a headache - Ta chingys king aym. DF idiom; kione-ching: I've got a headache - Ta kione ching aym. JJK idiom

hepatitis (n.) chingys aane; (yn) ouw

illness (n.) aslaynt: Absent through illness - Assaaragh lesh aslaynt. DF idiom; asslaynt; chingys: This illness weakens me very much - Ta'n chingys shoh jannoo mee feer faase. JJK idiom

Irish disease (n.) (yn) chingys Yernagh

lead colic (n.) chingys leoaie

lumbago (n.) chingys drommey

malinger (v.) lhiggey chingys er

malingering (n.) chingys vreagagh

mallenders (n.) chingys ghliooney

nervous troubles (n.) chingys nearag

neuralgia (n.) chingys chab, nearaljey

neuropathy (n.) chingys neayrag

paludism (n.) chingys curree

purples (n.) (the) chingys ny mucyn

sick allowance (n.) lowanse chingys

sickbed (n.) lhiabbee chingys

sick leave (n.) seyrey chingys

spinal disease (n.) chingys drommey

squandermania (n.) chingys y yummallys

stomach ache (n.) chingys ghailley

travail2 (n.) (birth) chingys chlienney

truantship (n.) chingys scoill

womb illness (n.) chingys breinney

attack of illness grash chingys

backache (n.) chingys ghrommey; guin drommey

brain sickness (n.) chingys ny henneeyn

eating disorder (n.) chingys-ee

migraine (n.) ard-chingys ching; boirane

nausea (n.) chingys gailley, feohdys, jiooldaght

phthisis (n.) chingys ny meaineyderyn, thaisys

scrofula (n.) chingys yn ree; (yn) roig

ulcerated dermal necrosis (n.) (yn) chingys Yernagh

builley-chingys (yn) apoplexy

chingys-buillee (yn) apoplexy

chingys-ee eating disorder

ague (n.) chingys craaee; crayn, craayn; crayn losht; creayn

apoplexy (n.) (yn) builley-chingys, chingys-buillee, gorley neealagh; stroak

belly ache chingys builg, gorley gailley

cattle disease (n.) chingys ollee, doghan ollee

childbirth (n.) chingys clienney, er troailt, lhie hoalley

diabetes (n.) (yn) chingys millish, gorley millish; diabeetys

indispose (v.) cur chingys er, jannoo ching

lethargy (n.) chingys cadlee, eer-saveenys, gorley cadlee, saveenys

liver disease (n.) chingys aaney, gorley aaney

lunacy (n.) ard-ommidjys; chingys ny heayst; doghan ny heayst

rabies (n.) chingys ny coyin, confey, gorley ny moddee

salmon disease (n.) (yn) chingys Yernagh; gorley braddan

sick headache (n.) chingys ching veih'n volg

sleeping sickness (n.) chingys cadlee, gorley cadlee

stomach pain (n.) chingys gailley, gailley ching, pian bolgey

toothache (n.) (ny) beishtyn; chingys 'eeackle, criu 'eeackle, jeidey

tuberculosis (n.) chingys y cleeau, gorley shymlee

vertigo (n.) chingys cassee, eddrymid king, thollaneys

gyn lheeys irremediable: Ta'n chingys gyn lheeys. DF

alexanders (n.) lus y chingys 'syn ollee; lus yn ollee

diarrhoea (n.) buinnagh, chingys y yiarrey, feaysley builg, gaerr, skittyr; (yn) giarrey

dysentery (n.) buinnagh mooar, chingys mooar y yiarrey, giarrey folley; (yn) gorley gastey; (yn) keckey shooyl

foot and mouth (n.) chingys yn ollee, gorley crubbane as beeal

indisposition (n.) aslaynt, lag-laynt, lhiastid; eighid, doghan, asslaynt, chingys, neuarryltys

menstruation (n.) chingys ny mraane, gorley meeoil, meeoilid, meeshaght, soalley

sicken (v.) aase ching, cur chingys er, cur feoh da, cur feoh er

melancholy ailley; chingys ny trommys; dooghid; douyrid; gorley doo; groamid; grooid; grouwid; lhieenys doo; lionn doo; mellid chree; merginagh; merginaght; mooie-chreeys; sheer-hreih; sogh-chreeagh; trome-yien; trommys

stroke (n.) builley, chingys, polt, scrabage, stroak, struge, tarnoal, war; (v.) stroogey; stroog, strooge: Stroke the cat backwards - Stroog y kayt noi'n fynney. DF idiom

threat baggyrt: She was under a threat of illness - Va'n chingys baggyrt urree. DF idiom; baggyrtys: He was under the threat of death - V'eh fo baggyrtys baaish. DF idiom

yesterday (n., adv.) jea: The lady from whom I received a letter yesterday has been taken ill - Yn ven- seyr, voishyn hooar mee lettyr jea, ta chingys er jeet urree. JJK idiom

cheet faare (v.) come nigh, come near: chamoo nee chingys trome erbee cheet faare dty chummal Bible; (n.) (school) attendance

craaee vibrant, vibratory: hug ad lhieu huggey dooinney doghanit lesh y chingys craaee Bible

furnish (f.) furnace: Haink chingys king orrym 's my ghailley myr furnish, My vellyn va teaymey magh maynrys my chree. GB

gorley breinney hysteria: Ny yei, phrow y surransagh shoh nagh vel Gorley Breinney yn un red as lhiggey chingys er hene. Dhoor

teaymey drainage; pouring: Halnk chingys king orrym 's my ghailley myr furnish, My vellyn va teaymey magh maynrys my chree. GB; pour

cure castey: That will cure the pain - Nee shen castey y pian. DF idiom; chirmaghey; couyr; cur couyr da: They cannot cure it - Cha nod ad cur couyr da. DF idiom; kiarail anmey; lheihys: The doctors will never cure him - Cha jean ny fir-lhee dy-bragh lheihys eh. JJK idiom; lhiasaghey; sailley; lheeys: Cure for sickness - Lheeys noi chingys. DF idiom

disease1 (n.) asslaynt, chingys, doghaney, gorley; aacheoid; doghan: My aunt has been ill for some time; she suffers from a disease the cause of which is unknown - Ta my naunt er ve rish tammylt beg; t'ee surral lesh doghan, nagh nhione daue yn oyr jeh. JJK idiom

disorder (n.) asslaynt, chingys, doghan, meereiltys, meeoardyr; (v.) cur bun ry-baare, cur bun ry-skyn, jannoo asslayntagh; mee-reiltys; bun ry baare: The place was in disorder - Va'n boayl bun ry-baare. DF idiom; fud y cheilley: They fled in disorder - Hea ad fud y cheilley. DF idiom

glasseraght (f.) grassiness, herbage, vegetation, verdure: dooar ymmodee jeu baase er y lhong, kyndagh rish drogh-earish, chingys-marrey, obbyr chreoi as dewilys ny skimmee, as doagan trooid bee loau, gyn glasseraght erbee, as va nyn girp ceaut harrish- boayrd gys ny sharkaghyn. Dhoor


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