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chiass1 (=Ir. teas) heat, warmth: cre'n-oyr va son chiass y jymmoose hrome shoh? Bible; clap, gonorrhoea

chiass2 1 (yn); (the) clap a: Hooar eh voee yn chiass. DF; 2 gonorrhoea

Inexact matches:

bree chiass blast of hot air

bree chiass-thallooin geothermal energy

brooan chiass heat rash

builley chiass heatstroke

chiass bane incandescence

çhiass–caghlaaee heat of transformation

çhiass co-lheie heat of fusion

chiass folley blood heat

chiass follit latent heat

çhiass–gaalee heat of vaporization

chiass goulragh radiant heat

chiass greiney solar heat

chiass jeean zeal: ta obraghyn ny fyaly er fyss, shen ta aydsho: brishie pusi, mardrys, niauglenid, roauynys, ammys dy iallynyn, pishagyn, myskid, noidjys, chass ieen, korri, striif, irri magh, kyghla smunaghtyn. PB1610

chiass lajer ardent heat

gless chiass (f.) thermometer

kellagh chiass mirage

lhiettrimys chiass heat barrier

skallane chiass heat wave

chiass er lheh specific heat

chiass ny greiney fieriness

chiass-veih fer lhee clinical thermometer

jeen noi chiass heat-proof

marroo ec yn chiass overcome with heat

ghruight (f.) 1 (yn) measles; 2 (dy) of dew a: myr y chiass kiune er lossreeyn, as goll-rish bodjal dy ghruight ayns chiass yn ouyr. Bible

ardent heat (n.) chiass lajer

blood heat (n.) chiass folley

clap2 (n.) (the); (yn) chiass

gonorrhoea (m.) (yn) chiass; (yn) gorley scoaldee

heat barrier (n.) lhiettrimys chiass

heat-proof jeen noi chiass

heat rash (n.) brooan chiass

heatstroke (n.) builley chiass

incandescence (n.) chiass bane

latent heat (n.) chiass follit

mirage (n.) kellagh chiass, markym-jeelym

radiant heat (n.) chiass goulragh

solar heat (n.) chiass greiney

ardour (n.) chiass-ghraih, jeeanid

calorimetric (adj.) chiass-howshanagh

calorimetrical chiass-howshanagh

fervent love chiass-ghraih

geothermal energy (n.) bree chiass-thallooin

heat insulator (n.) chiass-jeeneyder

heat of fusion (n.) çhiass co-lheie

heat of transformation (n.) çhiass–caghlaaee

heat of vaporization (n.) çhiass–gaalee

heat-producing chiass-ghiennaghtyn

religious fervour (n.) chiass-chredjue

specific heat (n.) chiass er lheh

temperature chart (n.) kaart-chiassid; kaart-chiass

thermo-cautery (n.) chermey-lostey; chiass-lostey

thermochemistry (n.) chiass-chemmig

thermo-couple (n.) chiass-cubbyl

thermodynamic (adj.) chiass-niartal

thermodynamics (n.) chiass-niartallaght

thermoelectric (adj.) chiass-lectragh, chiassmeadragh

thermoelectrical (adj.) chiassmeadragh, chiass-lectragh

thermoelectricity (n.) chiass-lectraghys

thermoelectronic (adj.) chiass-lectraneagh

thermogenic (adj.) chiass-gheintynagh

thermometer (n.) chiassveih, gless chiass; tempreilyssane

thermostat (n.) chermostad, chiass-reilleyder

warmth (n.) blah hiass, blahys, chiass

chiass-chemmig (f.) thermochemistry

chiass-chredjue religious fervour

chiass-cubbyl thermo-couple

chiass-gheintynagh thermogenic

chiass-ghiennaghtyn heat-producing

chiass-ghraih ardour, fervent love

chiass-howshanagh calorimetric, calorimetrical

chiass-jeeneyder heat insulator

chiass-lectragh thermoelectric, thermoelectrical

chiass-lectraghys thermoelectricity

chiass-lectraneagh thermoelectronic

chiass-lostey thermo-cautery

chiass-niartal thermodynamic

chiass-niartallaght (f.) thermodynamics

chiass-reilleyder thermostat

kaart-chiass temperature chart

blast of hot air bree chiass

clinical thermometer (n.) chiass-veih fer lhee

fieriness (n.) aileaght; chennoilid; chiass ny greiney

heat wave (n.) skallane chiass; tonn hiass

overcome with heat marroo ec yn chiass

heat chiass; chiow; dreays; ferg; gred; gree; (v.) greddal, greddey

feayraght (=Ir. fuaire) (f.) chill, cold, coldness: Myr feayraght sniaghtee ayns chiass yn ouyr Bible

sniaghtee of snow: Ta fowan as chiass chyrmaghey seose ny ushtaghyn sniaghtee Bible

fair weather (n.) emshir aalin: Fair weather and heat coming - Emshir aalin cheet as chiass. DF idiom; emshir vie

melted lheiht; roit; theinniuit; lheie, lheïe: and when the sun waxed hot, it melted - as lesh chiass ny greiney, ren eh lheie Bible

zeal (n.) chiass jeean, eadolys, eadolid, graih jeean, graih vaanrit ayns craueeaght; jeeanid: Let us reward his zeal - Lhig dooin cur leagh da e yeeanid. JJK idiom

aarlee-yms I will prepare: Ayns chiass nyn rouanys aarlee-yms gien elley daue, as nee'm ad er-meshtey dy yannoo ching jeu Bible

feayght (f.) chill, cold, exposure: myr shoh, gys y phian elley t'ad sthill ayns torchagh, eashyn fegooish jerrey, veih lhiabbee aileagh goit gys lhiabbee rioee, veih chiass gys feayght, as reesht gys raad v'ad roie PC

feill y lhiannoo flesh of the child: hug eh e veeal er beeal y lhiannoo, as e hooillyn er ny sooillyn echey, as heeyn eh eh-hene er y lhiannoo; as haink chiass ayns feill y lhiannoo. Bible

frasseeagh reactive, reactor: Tra ta frasseeagh ''mooghit'', ta cree y frasseeagh cur magh chiass mooar son ooryn as ooryn. Carn

gollish exudation, perspire, sweat, sweating: ayns traa cooie va shin goaill bine dy lhune losserey cheu mooie thie-thooit 'sy valley beg Cregneash son va chiass mie ayn as va shin gollish lurg yn laboraght ain. MB

jymmoose (f.) anger, chagrin, displeasure, furiousness, fury, indignation, ire, rage, wrath: cre'n-oyr va son chiass y jymmoose hrome shoh? Bible

Laa yn Chiarn (The) Lord's Day: Agh, hig laa yn Chiarn myr maarliagh 'syn oie; tra nee ny niaughyn cherraghtyn lesh feiyr atchimagh, as nee stoo yn theihll lheie lesh chiass loshtee Bible

posee pl. poseeyn nosegay: myr dooinney lajer t'eh goaill e yurnaa, lhiurid yn aer, as waiteil er ta'n laa, dagh blaa, dagh posee t'er y thalloo wass skeayley nyn duilley, gennal ayns e chiass. PC; posy

rio frost, ice: ayns y laa, ren y chiass m'y choyrt naardey, as y rio, 'syn oie Bible; freezing

s'leaie (ny) sooner, soonest: cha vel y ghrian ny sleaie er nirree lesh chiass loshtee Bible

traa correy seed-time, sowing time: Choud as tan seihll ermayrn, cha jean traa-correy, as fouyr, feayraght as chiass, sourey as geurey, laa as oie, dy bragh falleil. Bible

uranniu uranium: As shegin traastey gas ny ushlagh roie harrish ny slattyn-uranniu dy ghoaill magh yn çhiass. Dhoor

waiteil2 (at table); (dy); (to) wait: myr dooinney lajer t'eh goaill e yurnaa, lhiurid yn aer, as waiteil er ta'n laa, dagh blaa, dagh posee t'er y thalloo wass skeayley nyn duilley, gennal ayns e chiass. PC

fainted (v.) fioghey: and all the trees of the field fainted for him - as ren ooilley biljyn y vagheragh fioghey er e hon Bible; gannoonaghey: And Jacob's heart fainted - As ren cree Yacob gannoonaghey Bible; huitt my-neealloo: and the sun beat upon the head of Jonah, that he fainted - as cha lajer shen va chiass ny greiney er kione Yonah, dy huitt eh my-neealloo Bible

fastened (v.) chrogh; sniemmey: And the two ends of the two wreathen chains they fastened in the two ouches - As daa chione y daa link feeit ren ad sniemmeysy daa socket Bible; kianlt: a sword fastened upon his loins - fine kianlt er e veeghyn Bible; jeant shickyr: with a footstool of gold, which were fastened to the throne lesh stoyl-coshey dy airh, va jeant shickyr gys y stoyl-reeoil Bible; shickyraghey: Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? - Cre er ta ny undinyn echey er ny hickyraghey? Bible; eiyrit shickyr: and as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies - as myr treinaghyn eiyrit shickyr liorish mainshtyryn y cho-chruinnaght Bible; lhian: there came a viper out of the heat, and fastened on his hand - haink ard-nieu ass y chiass, as lhian eh rish e laue. Bible

sour1 gear: Sweet and sour - Gear as millish. DF idiom; geayr; geayraghey: The heat has turned the milk sour - Ta'n chiass er n'ghearaghey y bainney. DF idiom; geyre: It smells sour - Ta soar geyre jeh. DF idiom; gyere; sharroo: Sour-lime - Theiley sharroo. DF idiom; soor: Sour milk - Bainney soor. DF idiom; sooraghey

kindagh rish because; because of: Er-aggle dy jed y cooilleeneyder-folley er eiyrt y varrooder, ayns chiass e chorree, as berraghtyn er, kindagh rish lhiurid y raad, as eh y varroo, ga nagh row eh toilchin baase, myr nagh row eh ayns goanlys rish roish shen. Bible

lheie ersooyl blow over, die out, dwindle, wear off: Ta'n drualtys eck er lheie ersooyl dasyn. DF; (as ice) vanish; waste away: derrey va slane sheeloghe ny deiney-caggee e lheïe ersooyl veih masteyn cheshaght Bible; melt away: ren creeaghyn y pobble lheïe ersooyl, as vad lhag myr ushtey Bible; fade away: Nee joarreeyn lheïe ersooyl, as bee ad agglagh ayns ny ynnydyn follit oc. Bible; pass away: myr ny strooanyn tad lheïe ersooyl Bible; consumed: as lesh chiass ny greiney tad lheïe ersooyl Bible; be no more: derrey ta ny niaughyn lheïe ersooyl, cha jean ad doostey Bible; fly away: Nee eh lheïe ersooyl myr dreamal Bible; depart: Nee bishagh e hie lheïe ersooyl Bible; scattered: Myrgeddin liorish deayrtey neose ushtey tan bodjal trome lheïe ersooyl Bible; worn away: Ta my aalid er nimmeeaght lesh eer seaghyn: as er ny lheïe ersooyl kyndagh rish ooilley my noidyn Bible; done away


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