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chaghter rolaue harbinger

chaghter pl. chaghteryn 1 commissionaire, delegate, dispatch rider, emissary, envoy, go-between, herald, messenger a: Haink yn chaghter huc, agh cha vel eh cheet reesht. Bible; 2 annunciation

Inexact matches:

chaghter banc bank messenger

chaghter coshey runner

chaghter reeoil king's messenger; herald

chaghter reiltys government messenger

chaghter shee truce-bearer

jannoo chaghter delegate

Chaghter yn Ainle Annunciation

chaghter yn phaab legate, nuncio

chaghter yn tushtal missionary

delegate (n.) chaghter, ynnydagh; (v.) cur magh, jannoo chaghter

messenger (n.) chaghter: But there came a messenger unto Saul - Agh haink chaghter gys Saul Bible; chyrrysagh; eilkinagh

post pl. postyn correspondence, mail, post: Roieys post quail post, as chaghter quail chaghter Bible

Annunciation1 (n.) Chaghter yn Ainle

annunciation (n.) chaghter

commissionaire (n.) chaghter, dorryser

dispatch rider (n.) chaghter

emissary (n.) chaghter

envoy1 (n.) chaghter

go-between (n.) chaghter, dooinney moyllee

government messenger (n.) chaghter reiltys

harbinger (n.) chaghter rolaue

herald (n.) armeyder: Then an herald cried aloud - Eisht ren yn armeyder fockley-magh eam dy ard Bible; chaghter, fogrey; kiaullaneyder; chaghter reeoil; (v.) fograghey

king's messenger (n.) chaghter reeoil

legate (n.) chaghter yn phaab

truce-bearer (n.) chaghter shee

çhaghter-reeoil ambassador: Va mee er my phointeil dy ve my haggyrt-cabbal da'n çhaghter-reeoil Frangagh ayns Constantinople. CnyO

duittym fallen: Ta drogh chaghter duittym ayns olk: agh ta chaghter treishteilagh cur lesh foays. Bible; shall I fall down: duittym sheese roish bun billey? Bible

ambassador (n.) ambassadeyr, ambasseydeyr; çhaghter-reeoil

attaché (n.) myn-chaghter

missionary (n.) chaghter yn tushtal; (adj.) sushtallagh

monarch's ambassador (n.) ree-chaghter

nuncio (n.) chaghter yn phaab, nuntys

myn-chaghter attaché

ree-chaghter monarch's ambassador

bank messenger (n.) chaghter banc; guilley banc

dooinney creeney sage: Eshyn hoiggys chaghter balloo she dooinney creeney eh. DF

feer ghunnal daredevil, lion-hearted: T'eh feer ghunnal chredjys chaghter balloo. DF

runner (n.) chaghter coshey, guilley roie, shliawinane; roieder: Veteran runner - Shenn roieder. DF idiom

ard-ynseyder authority, head teacher: Sue Moore, Ard-ynseyder Scoill Ard Phurt ny h-Inshey as y çhaghter ynnydagh jeh Sheshaght Ard-ynseyderyn ny Scoillyn Ard, BS

Frangaid (f.) Fanny, Frances: Ta shin clashtyn dy bee 'Neen Frangaid MacGhavid ersooyl dys Canada 'sy tourey shoh myr chaghter da'n chiaghtoo "Co-chruinnaght Eddyr-Ashoonagh jeh Obbyr-Theayagh," ec Toronto Coraa

ynseyder scoill schoolteacher: Ard-ynseyder Scoill Ard Phurt ny h-Inshey as y çhaghter ynnydagh jeh Sheshaght Ard-ynseyderyn ny Scoillyn Ard BS

state (v.) abbyr, gra; (n.) ashoon; cheer: Every state was represented - Va chaghter ass gagh cheer ayn. DF idiom; state; staydoilys: We dined in state - Dee shin ayns staydoilys. DF idiom; foaynoo; stayd: I want to hear the actual state of things - Saillym clastyn stayd firrinagh ny reddyn. DF idiom; stait: Divorce church from state - Yn agglish y scarrey veih'n stait. DF idiom; steat: Weighed down with the affairs of state - Laadit lesh currymyn steat. DF idiom


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