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News 2017-09-28: Contents updated to latest version from Paul Denisowski.

News 2014-09: This dictionary now more "mobile-friendly" - please give it a try from your mobile device! Clicking on a word within the results will also now perform a search on that word.

This is an authorized mirror of Paul Denisowski's ESPDIC project. It contains over 63,000 entries. This mirror was created 2013-10-07 and the dictionary content was last updated 2017-09-28 (content dated 2 August 2015).

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&ANDdog & cat
|ORdog | cat
"..."Exact phrase"out of office"
_Single-character wildcardmaldiligent_
%Multi-character wildcardmal─Łen%
/(1-9)Within x words of one another, given order"address as"/8
@(1-9)Within x words of one another, any order"address as"@8
#XOR (find one or the other, but not both)dog # cat
^None of ...^dog