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22 Feb 2023: New Online English - Dutch Mini Humor Dictionary created using ChatGPT by TLex with integrated OpenAI functionality.

This dictionary is a small sample dictionary (as of writing, about 300 entries), and is meant for research, testing and entertainment - it is not intended to be taken as a "serious dictionary" - and is presented 'as is' ('warts and all') as written by the AI, ChatGPT (GPT3, OpenAI, Jan/Feb 2023).

Click "Random Entry" to be taken to a random entry, or click "Browse" to see an alphabetic list. Enjoy.

The dictionary was created initially using ChatGPT directly; further entries have been added by OpenAI API using TLex's integrated AI functionality that can even automate dictionary entry writing with the help of AI (via OpenAI API) - TLex allows generative-AI-augmented production to be applied to lexicography.

This was demonstrated live at the 20th CODH seminar, in which further entries were authored by GPT AI 'directly' into TLex, and even published/updated online to this online dictionary website during a live presentation using TLex's integrated online publishing functionality.

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Preface to the Dictionary

Preface to the dictionary by ChatGPT